KidZ & TeenZ Class Video

Check out why KidZ and TeenZ LOVE taking classes at Jester’Z! New classes start soon! Click Here for KidZ Improv Click Here for Teen Improv Share this: Share on Facebook Publicly recommend this Share with my professional network Pin it! Tweet This! Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Bookmark this page[…]

2 – Give 100 Percent

3 Improv LIFE SKILLS you need: Let’s face it – most people just phone it in.  They give just enough effort at work to not get fired.  They give just enough to stay together with their significant other.  They give just enough in life to “get by”. #2 – 100% Commitment to choice We admire[…]

3 – Listen Better

3 improv LIFE SKILLS you need: Today’s world has so many distractions.  Way too many distractions – click HERE for more distractions. Our brains are moving so fast, looking for what excites them and interests them.  So fast, that we don’t take time to truly LISTEN to our family, our friends, our co-workers – and[…]

Atmosphere Actors!

Lately the Jesterz have been having a ball getting all dressed up for different gigs as atmosphere actors! Not only can we be hired to perform an improv show for any event, we are also for hire to dress in theme for your event to enhance the fun and interact with your guests! Check out[…]

2016 JesterZ Improv Gift Certificates

Looking for a great gift?  Give the gift of laughter!  Jester’Z gift certificates are an everyday  gift for a one of a kind experience!  Who in your life deserves a Jester’Z night of memories?? your friends your coworkers your boss your clients your parents your children your church leaders you local politician your doctor your[…]


 [button link=”″ color=”purple” newwindow=”yes”] BUY NOW[/button]   .. .. FINN BURGUNDY – Playhouse Director  Finn Burgundy is the brazen leader of the Moon Shadow Playhouse.  Finn prefers to produce dark-themed plays for the theater and is a demanding director.  Finn will get what s/he wants at all costs, so stay out of Finn’s crosshairs if you are into[…]


Part 1:  9:00 – Welcome investigate mix and mingle hors d’oeuvres SODAlicious bar (this is a non-alcoholic event) When you arrive at this event, you’ll receive your character description, clues and information to start your investigation. During this hour you will get to know the other “cast of characters” and suspects from the town! PLUS: […]


Bloodworth Falls is an isolated town full of scandal, blackmail and deceit. Nobody in town can seem to get along, and the local government has hidden motives for the dreadful decisions they make. The mayor is hosting a mysterious masquerade ball in the old Ravenwood Castle, and the tickets to the event are set to[…]