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Phoenix Comedy Classes

Phoenix Comedy Classes

It has been discussed in the past that good comedy follows a set of rules. But, the rules themselves can be turned into brilliant performances when they are channeled through a good character. A strong character with a distinct point of view can be a powerful tool in performing, both comedically and dramatically. Developing a character can add value to a scene, it can bring life to a topic that would otherwise be very bland to watch, and it can give the performer a way to get more involved in a scene.

A character can go from over-the-top to mundane and uninteresting. Any character in the spectrum can be used, but there it is important to choose a character wisely. The audience might love seeing the living embodiment of a flesh eating virus with lactose intolerance, but as the scene drags on, there is no connection to reality with that character.

Can it be related to an audience? Sure it can. But, it is difficult to do. When you bring a multi-level marketer with an abundance of positive sales-pitches, then you have someone people can relate to. So when developing a character, keep a few things in mind:

  1. Define a strong position for your character. What does your character love? What does your character hate?
  2. What does your character do when met with a conflict? Is your character a strong leader or a lower status that follows another leader?
  3. What does your character do for a living? How do they feel about their job?
  4. Is your character relatable to an audience?