Merry Christmas from JesterZ!

Photo Credit: Leavitt Wells / Leave it to Leavitt Photography

Imagine it’s Christmas day…  the time:  4:00pm.  The presents are all OPEN and by now all the non-essential toys have landed on the floor ready to find their way to 12 months of storage in a toy bin where they will be pushed around and overlooked.  All that hard earned money thrown towards a few moments of happiness that may or may not last even a couple weeks.

This year – give the gift of LAUGHTER!!  Take the time to MAKE MEMORIES!!

Remember Christmas Day, 2015, when we went to JesterZ?  Remember that one scene they did when I shouted out MY suggestion?  It was so funny!!

Plan on hearing that around the dinner table in 10 years!!  I doubt you’ll hear the same for that toy they got.

We promise you’ll have an unforgettable evening of hysterical situations that can never be duplicated!  Everything created on the spot- there are NO SCRIPTS in this quick-witted, fast-paced, improvised comedy show that is great for ALL-AGES!  You provide the topics – we’ll provide 90 minutes of non-stop, side-splitting comedy!

The show will feature a few of the holiday favorites:  Grinch, Christmas Carol and It’s a wonderful life…  As always, the JesterZ will improvise their version of these classics!  Because YOU will assist shape the these stories, the subjects and suggestions – this show CAN NOT be duplicated!!!

Special Event Adult Admission: $15 (+tax)
Youth(2-15):  $11(+tax)

2 shows:

4:00 – Tickets

7:00 – Tickets

****all sales are final – no refunds or exchanges****