Phoenix Improv Comedy Auditions

Every 6 months JesterZ hold audition for our understudy program! This round will be held September 28th at 1pm. There are only 3 requirements (or prerequisites) for auditioning for JesterZ Understudy Program:

1. Have a working knowledge and advanced understanding of the fundamentals of improv (Yes, and…, hyper-listening, etc. – see training blogs for our thoughts on improv).

2. An open schedule on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Tuesday night is rehearsal/practice/workout and Thursday is weekly performances

3. Let us know that you are coming.  Enroll HERE

What to expect
First and foremost we are looking for team players who know improv.  Personalities that have fun and take comedy very seriously!  A witty persona and lightning-quick thinking can help – but do you play well with others?

Our auditions are based on many of the basic improvisational fundamentals. We will be doing basic scene work in groups of 6-8 and in pairs.  We will not focus on any specific games – just open ended scenes based on a suggestion. We are looking for listening, agreement, characters, teamwork, emotional connections and avoiding going for a joke.

We encourage ALL who are interested to audition!

  • Current students
  • Actors
  • Stand up comics
  • Writers
  • Teachers / Directors / Instructors
  • Current performing Improvisors

Some of you may be encouraged to continue (or begin) your education/classes with us, to get you prepared to hit the Understudy level with the same knowledge as Graduates of our training.

Some will be asked to join our Understudy Program immediately (preparatory to becoming a Main Stage cast member of The JesterZ!!)

We look forward to YOUR audition!!