Jester’Z Improv Comedy was established in 2001 by Jef and Shurlin Rawls. Since 2001 the Jester’Z have performed over 2,500 shows at Theater 168 and throughout the Phoenix metro area. Jester’Z Improv Comedy performs short-form improv comedy with an emphasis on scene work. There are 3 main function of Jester’Z Improv Comedy.

1. Live Performances – We pride ourselves on not only being the most established but also the best improv comedy show in the Phoenix area.

2. Improv Classes – We offer 3 levels of improv classes for adults and 2 levels for teens. Each class is taught by professionals who have experience on the stage, performing improv comedy for thousands of people. We also offer the JesterZ workshop series, a series of workshops taught by the performing Jesterz.

3. Corporate Experience – Whether you are looking for corporate entertainment, team building workshops or for entertainment for a very special family event, Jester’Z Improv Comedy is available for you. We do corporate events at Theater 168, or we’ll come to your location.