Get Real

Author: Preston Smith The best reactions are real reactions. Reactions that aren’t planned are real. When you plan a reaction you usually stop listening to what your scene partner is doing or saying. Be honest and real. If something that is said in a scene shocks you, say it, act shocked. If something in the[…]

Labor Day Activity in Phoenix

Phoenix Labor Day Activities (Comedy Show) Labor Day Weekend at Jester’Z Improv is a fantastic opportunity to take your family out to some wonderful family friendly entertainment. Labor Day weekend shows will be August 31st & September 1st. We also have a wonderful discount going Labor Day weekend… All tickets are $2 dollars off, please[…]

Arizona Comedy Shows

Arizona Comedy Shows Arizona has a rich tradition of comedy. The Tempe Improv is the starting place of the likes of Jerry Seinfeld. Downtown Phoenix has a rich tradition of the Phoenix Improv Festival, bringing in improv comedy troupes from all over the country. The Comedy Spot in Scottsdale has been around for years and[…]

Phoenix Entertainment for Seniors

Phoenix Entertainment for Seniors Phoenix is a haven for seniors and retirees, during the winter months hundreds of thousands of 50+ retirees flock to Phoenix to spend time in the beautiful winters. There is always a need for quality entertainment in seniors and retirees. Jester’Z Improv is a clean comedy club in Scottsdale that can[…]

Phoenix Executive Coaching

Phoenix Executive Coaching Executives are constantly looking for ways to improve on their ability to lead and execute leadership over a team. One of the best ways to train as an executive is to receive improv training. Improv training for executives is a powerful tool that executives can then bring home to there team of[…]