3 Improv LIFE SKILLS you need:

Homer LazyLet’s face it – most people just phone it in.  They give just enough effort at work to not get fired.  They give just enough to stay together with their significant other.  They give just enough in life to “get by”.

#2 – 100% Commitment to choice

We admire those that step up and give more.  The motivational speakers, the successful entrepreneurs, the adventurous, the fear defeaters, the go-getters – they all inspire us to WANT to do more.  But, alas, it’s typically only a want or an adoration from afar.

So, what is it that they have that we may lack?

100% commitment to choice

On Stage:
A great performance of improvisational theatre consists of actors committing to their role, committing to their dialogue, not second guessing their choices and going full throttle with the situation they find themselves in (or given by the audience).  Even if you’re not saying anything “funny” or witty, you STILL have to stay with it.

I remember a few years back one John D committed to a character for a short-form game called “Dating Game”.  It required each player to choose a character and answer a few questions from a prospective bachelorette – this game last roughly 12-15 min.  Let’s just say that his choice as “Fishboy” who (for 12 min) GASPED FOR AIR to stay alive, was among the TOP 10 worst choices an improviser can make!!  BUT!!!  HE COMMITTED!  His choice was terrible (& funny) but it dried his throat out and caused him to be light headed to the point of passing out (luckily he didn’t – he just decided to “die” on stage).

So what does all this mean?

In Life:
Think of a few things that you do, maybe routine or randomly, that you may just give enough to get by.  Make that list or just choose one in your mind.  You probably already did this if you made a New Years Resolution.  You won’t loose weight at 50% effort.  You won’t get a raise at 75% commitment to your job.  You won’t stay in that relationship if you give “just enough”.

You’ve gotta do more!

Just do it

Giving 100% commitment to your choices WILL give you different results.  It’s all that motivational speaker stuff.  But it’s true.  Commit to your choices 100%.

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