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Private Events

Jester’Z Improv Comedy is the premier performance group in the Phoenix area. If you are looking for clean and intelligent comedic entertainment for a large corporation, small office or private party, Jester’Z Improv Comedy has what you need.

Jester’Z Improv Comedy has been entertaining corporations, churches, and private parties of all shapes and sizes since 2001. With a lengthy clientele list that includes the likes of, PespiCo, Honeywell, Intell, AutoZone, Bank of America and many more, you know you are getting a trusted and true product (click here for full client list).

Let Jester’Z Improv Comedy create a unique experience that everyone at your event will be talking about for years, because we use suggestions from your audience to inspire each and every hilarious scene!

Every show is catered specifically to your company. Just provide us with a little information about your event prior to the show and watch in awe as we turn the every day aspects of your company into comedy gold!

JesterZ Improv Thanksgiving Day Show

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Don’t go see ANOTHER movie!!

Let’s LAUGH!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!  We are excited for this annual tradition to share laughter with you and your family!  Have your meal early, grab a nap and come laugh the night away with Turkey’Z (ok, that was a stretch – it will be the Jester’Z – but some of them really are turkey’s!!).  Join us as we give thanks for laughter, family and friends.   This 90 min show WILL SELL OUT in advance – so get your tickets early!   You supply the topics and we’ll provide the belly-laughs to work off those extra calories! (studies show that 15 min of laughter will burn 10 to 40 calories)

General Admission:  $13 + tax



SPECIAL EVENT: JesterZ Improv with Matt Meese

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CLICK HERE to Purchase Tickets

(NO discounts, gift certificates, birthday admissions)

JesterZ Improv Comedy Show with Special Guest:  Matt Meese

(from the movie “Saints And Soldiers: The Void” – now on DVD  |  Actor and Producer of “STUDIO C”)

The always hilarious JesterZ Improv Comedy show will welcome MATT MEESE as one of their own as they create instant hilarity on the spot!!  Unlike Matt’s other work – this will be unscripted, unmemorized and unrehearsed!  His characters, along with those from the JesterZ Main Stage cast, will surely make this night “The Funniest Night of Your Life”!!

You provide the suggestions for each situation in this quick-witted, fast paced, improvised comedy show that is great for all-ages!!

November 8th Special Event Admission:  $23.00

See sample of Matt’s Work:  Link 1  |  Link 2  |  Link 3

See sample of JesterZ Work:  Link 1  |  Link 2  |  Link 3

7:00 and 9:00 shows are SOLD OUT!!

  CLICK HERE for 2:00 Matinee show


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Perhaps you are looking to expand your performance repertoire (or maybe you’ve just been binge-watching Saturday Night Live on Netflix) and want to learn something new.

Well hilarious humans: look no further!  For the first time in Jester’Z history, we are now offering 6 weeks of SKETCH COMEDY! These fast-paced Monday evening classes will be followed by three weeks of Thursday night performances on the Jester’Z stage PLUS a bonus performance at our popular Christmas day show. Come learn how to WRITE, PERFORM, and analyze sketch comedy, all while WOW-ing your friends and family in this unique stage production. Classes will begin on Monday, November 3rd and run 6 weeks until our 3 Thursday performances in December – followed by our special Christmas day performance with the MAIN STAGE JESTER’Z IMPROV CAST!! These classes will work heavily on how to develop your writing and editing skills, with a focus on integrating director feedback and using critique to enhance 3-5 minute rehearsed skits. Don’t miss out on being the first group EVER to take the Jester’Z stage by storm and perform brand-new sketch comedy material!


CLASS DATES:  *Monday Nights Nov 3 – Dec. 8
TIME:  6:30 – 9:30pm
PERFORMANCE DATES:  First 3 Thursdays in December + Christmas Day!!
PERFORMANCE TIME:  7:00-7:30pm
TUITION:  $250 ($225 if enrolled by Wed. 10.22)
PREREQUISITES:  NONE (well maybe a strong desire to be famous)
LOCATION:  JesterZ improv comedy 1061 N. Dobson Rd.  #114   Mesa, AZ  85201
DIRECTOR:  Brittni Miner   |   ASST. DIRECTOR:  Yichao Wang   |    PRODUCER:  Jef Rawls
*Please be aware that there will be assignments of writing and memorization on your own time so that we have material to review during class and be most effective during rehearsal times.


BEST VENUE for your Holiday party!!

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Another end of year awards banquet and corporate entertainment in a hotel ballroom…  again.


Hotel food…   again.    And don’t get us started on the ambiance…  It looks like a blank slate!

How about a more FUN environment only MINUTES away from the airport!


Your next Corporate event, Awards Banquet or private party will NEVER be the same!   Whether your company is located in Phoenix Area or not…  Our NEW location is going to make it memorable!!

Welcome to Jester’Z Improv Comedy Theater!

    photo                 snack bar photo

Imagine the “wow-factor” your clients, employees or guests will think as they walk up and enter our colorful, open and bright reception lobby.  Some say Alice in Wonderland was here!  The atmosphere sets up a fun and exciting event – sure to make memories !!

photo 1

Our box office has the capability to be cleared out of the center of the room to accommodate a more open atmosphere for a variety of options (ie. cocktail reception, banquet serving tables, dance floor, event booths).

What’s your idea?

250+ Seat Theater

A fun environment awaits your guests inside!  Banquet chairs set up theater style can accommodate up to 250 corporate or private guests.   Or put tables up for a lunch or dinner and now the event just got better!!  Up to 168 seated at tables (we’ll get that photo soon! in the meantime, look at this wall!!!)


Your group will enjoy the fun ambiance of a comedy club!

   snack bar jester creepy face  jester in box

pink boxers       bathroom

As an added touch, spice the evening up with a theme!  Make your guests feel welcomed when they have interactive atmosphere actors taking photo’s and sparking up conversation with them.  What’s your theme?

  Atmosphere 8  Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 3.27.56 PM  Atmosphere 5

Atmosphere 3   Atmosphere-2

FOOD?  Well – don’t worry!  We have you covered!   Mesa Riverview has a variety of local and national restaurants who cater!   Contact them directly – or we can take care of it for you!

Matta’s Mexican, Chick-fil-A, Chili’s, Rigatoni’s Italian, Famous Dave’s BBQ, Logan’s Roadhouse

After dinner and a few awards or recognitions (if that’s your “thing”) – let us entertain you on our fantastic stage with Jester’Z – Arizona’s BEST improv comedy show!

photo 4  JesterZ perform

We’ll take your suggestions and create comedy IN THE MOMENT!! We can cater our show to your group specific.  Are you a law firm? Dental group?  Engineers?  A few tidbits of information and the Jester’Z will create skits that will make your mundane office activities and personnel HYSTERICAL!!

   Thursday-Night-Shows  mattchoke

OR choose from a variety of Stand up Comedians – local and National!!

Do you have an idea??  We’d love to hear it!

Are there limits??  None that we know of!  (well, maybe your budget – but let’s make it work).


 Or call to schedule a tour of the facility:  480-233-0154

(Jester’Z Improv is NOT available Sundays)

JesterZ Moves to Mesa Riverview

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They said it couldn’t be done. A family-friendly comedy club? In a sluggish Arizona economy? Give it a year at the most, skeptics predicted.

LamarThat was back in 2001, in Scottsdale’s Papago Plaza. But creators/owners Jef & Shurlin Rawls have defied the odds in an impressive, grandiose way.

Not only did their clean comedy concept take hold instantly but it has thrived so much that now, 13 years later, it has outgrown its original venue.

Enter Jester’Z Improv’s new, creative comedy theater in Mesa Riverview, 1061 N. Dobson Rd. #114, Mesa, AZ 85201.

photo lobbyFor over 13 years, Jester’Z Improv has performed live, family-friendly comedy shows weekly. Moving to the entertainment district of Mesa Riverview, is giving Jester’Z Improv a major upgrade, according to creative designer/owner Shurlin Rawls.

“With a lobby twice the size as our previous venue, it brings 10 times the visual “wow-factor,” Rawls explained. “Our new all-ages, family friendly comedy theater has twice the space, twice the seating and 10 times the professional elegance.”

JesterZ StageJester’Z Improv will continue its tradition of providing their always popular CLEAN COMEDY show at the new Mesa Riverview location, as well as adding sketch and stand up to their performances and class schedule.

“Every patron can sit back and enjoy, knowing that we won’t cross the line of raunchy or crude humor. No swearing or colorful content. We take great pride that our troupe is so talented and professional that they have the skills to be hilarious without being offensive. Our integrity of clean hilarity is our trademark.”

JesterZ StageSee our Article on

Other Reviews: &

“Should I”…or…”Shouldn’t I” Take an Improv Comedy Class in Phoenix?

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I originally signed up for Jester’Z beginning improv class almost 2 years ago.  It for realZ changed my life and in so many wayZ made me a better person.  People say I’m funny so I figured for sure I’ll be good at improv.  I mean that’s what people would say to me, so why not?

Well what I learned in the first 10 minutes was…IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING FUNNY!  Say what?!?!?!?!?!

Improv is about thinking fast, fully listening, trust, staying present, relationships, and so much more…  If you work in sales, as I do, beginning improv should be a pre-requisite for your company’s orientation in my opinion.  Really if you’re a human being, beginning improv should be a pre-requisite for, I dunno….puberty?  LOL…  I think about the incredible advantage all the teens who take the teen beginning improv class get from learning such valuable skills at such a critical growing stage in their lives. Oh how different life might be had I learned this stuff then….excuse me… I digress… :)

Bottom line…I often feel like I want to drag people to the class and then say…”See I told you so”, but I am a firm believer that people have to decide to do things on their own.  Now this goes way against my desire to want to control things, shocking I know that I can admit this, but at the end of the day where else can you go to grow as an individual and have an absolute blast and make amazing friends? (If you have an answer that is anything besides Jester’Z….please skip it…you get where I am going with this right?)

So, I’m curious….to anyone who has taken an improv class before, especially at Jester’Z….what made you decide to do it and what was your experience like?  Please comment below and I will end this with a picture of my beginning improv class from 2 years ago…since ‘they’ say a picture is worth a thousand words…whoever ‘they’ are anyways… :)

Beg Improv Dec 2012


Beginning Teen Improv at Riverview

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September 9, 2014 – September 9, 2014

1061 N. Dobson Rd. #114

View MapMap and Directions | Register


Get your teen ready for 10 weeks of hilariously fun improv instruction and performance! Your teen will learn the fundamentals of improv, stage presence and teamwork in a supportive, friendly environment. This class is perfect for teens who have a hard time breaking out of their shell and for those teens who already have shown an aptitude for stage performance! The principles learned in class, such as listening, agreement, and support, can be applied both on and off stage. The class goes out with a bang with a showcase for the students’ family and friends! So what are you waiting for? Set aside the video games, and give your teen the tools they’ll need to have successful careers and relationships all while having a blast! Seating is limited so sign up now!

START DATE: Sept. 9th, 2014
END DATE: Nov. 25, 2014
CLASS TIME: 4:30PM – 6:30PM every Tuesday, for 10 weeks*
AGES: 12-16

TUITION:  $200 (10% off if registered by July 19)

LOCATION:  JesterZ at Riverview
                        1061 N Dobson Rd. Suite 114
                         Mesa, AZ  85201
                        (behind Bass Pro Shop)

*no class Fall Break


Beginning Improv for Everyone

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July 30, 2014 – July 30, 2014

1061 N. Dobson Rd. #114

View MapMap and Directions | Register



This class will be taught at our NEW JesterZ location:  1061 N. Dobson Rd.  #114.  In the Mesa Riverview.  Click HERE for map to new location.

Length: 8 weeks
Days:  Wednesday (starts July 30)
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Tuition:  $250
Ages: 17+
Prerequisites: None

Our beginning Improv class is designed to teach basic improvisational skills through different improv exercises and games. Students can anticipate a safe environment where they can express ideas, receive feedback and be treated with respect from other students and instructors. Improvisation will help students develop such skills as creative thinking, team work, public speaking, listening, and commitment to choice. Students who take our class often express that they have gained insight and skills that have helped them in their careers, education and relationships.  Our classes require a higher standard of creativity that is free of vulgarity & off color content – learn to be funny without them in a Performance Showcase Sept. 17, 2014!


Free Birthday Tickets – Always

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Birthday Activities in Phoenix


Happy Birthday!!  We are really excited you’ve decided to attend a JesterZ show to celebrate this wonderful day!!

Step 1.  Pick a Friday or Saturday within 6 days of your Birthday(This is important!!  You will need to show ID at the box office when you arrive!!)  

Step 2.  Reserve your Birthday ticket and purchase any additional tickets in your party (General Admission).  Don’t get them mixed up – just cuz it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you get everyone in for free!!

Step 3.  Contact ALL your friends and invite them to what could be the funniest night of their life!!

Step 4. Send them to our website where they can purchase their own tickets.  Tell them “just having you there will be your gift to me.”

Step 5.  On day of show, print your tickets – Look for BOTH Tickets to arrive in your email (Paid General Admission AND your birthday ticket).

Step 6. Present Tickets & ID that proves it is within 6 days of your birthday.

Step 7.  Enjoy the show!

Step 8.  Post a picture or an update on ANY social media of the GREAT time you had!!


See you on your birthday (or at least within 6 days of your birthday).



Corporate Training

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Corporate Training

Jester’Z Improv has been providing corporate training and team-building nationwide since 2001! Our exercises and workshops will help your teams connect, create and communicate more effectively all while having fun in the learning process!

Team Building
Are you looking for ways to help your team create, connect and communicate better? There is no better way to do that then with the skills mastered in improvisation. One of the most fundamental aspects of improv is the idea of group mind or getting your team on the “same page” by listening, and supporting the ideas of your team members through the creative proceess. With improv trainers and performers with a combined history of well over 70 years, there is no better place to look for team building and training then with Jester’Z Improv!

Our hands on approach to workshop and team building creates a unique learning environment of  support and retention. New skills will stay with your employees for years to come!

Building Creativity
Nothing forces you to think outside of the box like improv comedy does. Bring on Jester’Z Improv  for your next training and see what kind of creative juices we can get flowing. We promise you will not regret it!

For pricing and availability call: 480-423-0120


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