Weekend Review | Audience Favorites 4/2 & 4/3 2011

“I am going to scratch and sniff you all night!”

“Preston doing the Yeti on Fri night! that was classic!”

“Your movement has excited my bowels”

“Dalane having IBS really made me wish Edna had stayed for the 10pm show too! Ha ha!”

“Something that rhymes with litter”….. “Uhm, Confetti” HA HA HA”

“Running from a suction monster!!!!!”


“You should have brought a Poop Tent”

“Is this chicken legit? hahahhaa”

“wow i didn’t know you could learn to grow hair!!!! – Paul Green”

“Garrett and Preston both telling the other they are “voluptuous”!

“Twenty Four Sixty Eight who do… oh wait, two four six eight who do we appreciate. – Kevin”

“Favorite Quote: Was the olive oil extra virginated? Yes, I got it from some nerdy guy.”

“‎2nd favorite (Preston’s guess): Mini unicorns with umpa lumpas on their backs.”

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