Tonight will be EPIC!! JesterZ Improv is the sight of The Ravenwood Masquerade Murder Mystery Dinner A murder mystery dinner and masquerade ball!  Grab your masks (and your sleuth hat)!  This unique experience will be the talk of the town! Hors d’oeuvres and investigation welcome at 9:00 Dinner and further investigation at 10:00 Accusations and[…]

JesterZ Montage Show

November 5, 2015 – November 5, 2015 1061 N. Dobson Rd. #114 Map and Directions | Register Description: What’s a montage show??  It’s a variety of improvised scene’s that inspire the next.  ONE suggestion starts everything in motion for a full hour of one-of-a-kind scenes!  Featuring the improv talents of JesterZ main stage cast:  Ryan[…]

"Mr." the two-person show…

“Mr.” is a two-person improv show starring Mandy and Ryan of JesterZ Improv.  “Mr.” is both U and I – Unique and Intriguing.  Witness as these two create a full 1 hour improvised and unscripted show on the spot. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE Share this: Share on Facebook Publicly recommend this Share with my professional[…]

Stacey Harkey of Studio C – SPECIAL EVENT

If you are a fan of comedy, you know that it takes a special “over the top” and “go full throttle” mentality. MEET:  STACEY HARKEY of Studio C joins the JesterZ improv comedy cast for 1 full day of Laugh Out Loud comedy Saturday November 7, 2015! 3 shows to choose from [button link=”http://www.jesterzimprov.com/event-registration/?ee=1164″ newwindow=”yes”][…]

Pint of Life, Stand up & Broadway Musical

July 30, 2015 – July 30, 2015 1061 N. Dobson Rd. #114 Map and Directions | Register Description: 60+ minutes of non-stop NEW and unique comedy.  ONE NIGHT ONLY!!  Check out: Pint of Life Two chairs. One pint of ice cream. No script. Yichao, Jester’Z alumni, returns to Arizona to perform his SOLO improv show,[…]