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Private Acting Coaching Phoenix

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Private Acting Coaching Phoenix

Private Acting Coaching PhoenixImprov is one of the most valuable aspect of stage acting and camera acting. Many stage and camera actors study improv as a technique for auditions and performance. Most of the Jester’Z performers are camera and stage actors.

That is why we offer private acting coaching for the Phoenix area… our private acting is taught by Jef Rawls the owner and producer of Jester’Z Improv, he has 15 years of acting and improv experience, he has done on-camera commercials, acting and stage work. He has produced more then 10,000 improv comedy shows and he is also the assistant producer and director of the Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant.

For information on our private acting coaching, call: 480-423-0120

Arizona Birthday Party Places

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Arizona Birthday Party Places

Arizona-Birthday-Party-PlacesJester’Z Improv is one of the best places in Arizona to spend your birthday for the following reasons.

1. Free Birthday Ticket – You get a free birthday ticket if you come with in 6 days of your birthday. Just make a reservation, tell us it is your birthday when you make the reservations and don’t forget your ID or at least 10 people to verify that it is your birthday.
2. Hilarious Comedy – Our show is well know as the best comedy show in the Phoenix area.
3. Audience Participation – Because it is an improv show, we take suggestions from the audience to make our scenes… this allows everyone in your party to be as involved as they want to be.

We invite you to bring your entire family and friends to one of our shows for your birthday. It is sure to be a birthday that everyone will remember for years to come.

We have shows every Friday & Saturday at 7pm & 9pm, reservations required: 480-423-0120

Scottsdale Birthday Party Entertainment

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Scottsdale Birthday Party Entertainment

Scottsdale-Birthday-Party-EntertainmentAre you looking for something to do for your birthday? Scottsdale is home of fantastic entertainment, thousands flock to the Scottsdale area every year for entertainment. Jester’Z Improv Comedy is the home to some of the most fantastic entertainment in Scottsdale, our comedy shows are matched by no one in the Phoenix area. The best part our comedy show is that it is all ages appropriate. You can bring your entire family to the show and not worry about vulgar or crude entertainment.

We also give one free ticket if you come to a show within 6 days of your birthday, just call the reservations line, make a reservation, don’t for get your ID card or bring 10 people that will vouch it is your birthday.

We have shows every Friday & Saturday at 7pm & 9pm, reservations are required so call a head: 480-423-0120

Phoenix 4th of July Comedy Show Activities

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Independence (4th of July) Weekend Comedy Shows! [July 5th & 6th]

We will be having a blast on Independence weekend at Jester’Z Improv! July 5th & 6th will be some awesome comedy shows… with a discount! All shows will be discounted 16% (just use the code below).

Games and scenes will be themed around the 4th of July and America in general, so get out your flag shirts and come down to Jester’z Improv on the weekend before 4th of July!

Buy Tickets Here

Use Promo Code: JULY4TH2013

Friday: 7pm & 9pm
Saturday: 7pm & 9pm

Phoenix Memorial Weekend Comedy Show

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Memorial Day Weekend Comedy Show Phoenix

Jester'Z Memorial Day WeekendLooking for a way to get out of the heat for memorials day weekend? Our AC will be going full bore on memorial weekend and so will our discounts! All shows are discounted $2… (7pm & 9pm = $10). May 25th & 26th.

Bring all of your family and friends down to Jester’z for some hilarious comedy!

Reservations are required and tickets must be purchased in advance:


Free Birthday Tickets – Always

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Birthday Activities in Phoenix


Happy Birthday!!  We are really excited you’ve decided to attend a JesterZ show to celebrate this wonderful day!!

Step 1.  Pick a Friday or Saturday within 6 days of your Birthday(This is important!!  You will need to show ID at the box office when you arrive!!)  

Step 2.  Reserve your Birthday ticket and purchase any additional tickets in your party (General Admission).  Don’t get them mixed up – just cuz it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you get everyone in for free!!

Step 3.  Contact ALL your friends and invite them to what could be the funniest night of their life!!

Step 4. Send them to our website where they can purchase their own tickets.  Tell them “just having you there will be your gift to me.”

Step 5.  On day of show, print your tickets – Look for BOTH Tickets to arrive in your email (Paid General Admission AND your birthday ticket).

Step 6. Present Tickets & ID that proves it is within 6 days of your birthday.

Step 7.  Enjoy the show!

Step 8.  Post a picture or an update on ANY social media of the GREAT time you had!!


See you on your birthday (or at least within 6 days of your birthday).



Phoenix Birthday Party Entertainment

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Phoenix Birthday Party Entertainment

Birthday parties are awesome! Especially when they are spent surrounded by family and friends AND they are hilariousness.

Phoenix Birthday Party EntertainmentThat is why Jester’Z Improv wants to help you celebrate by giving you a free ticket to come to our show within 6 days of your birthday. All you have to do is call a head and make reservations… when you come, bring your ID or 10 people that can vouch that it is your birthday and your ticket is free!

But why should you come to Jester’Z? We are one of the best comedy shows in the Phoenix area. Our show is also all ages appropriate, so you can bring the whole family and not have to worry about vulgar content.

Each show is made up on the spot, nothing is scripted, nothing is rehearsed… we come to you the audience for suggestions and we take those suggestions and make instant hilarity!

We have shows every Friday & Saturday at 7pm & 9pm… reservations are required: 480-423-0120

Scottsdale Entertainment

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Scottsdale Entertainment

When it comes to Scottsdale, entertainment is top priority for most people that visit. But where to go?
Jester’Z Improv is the best family entertainment in Scottsdale with shows every Friday & Saturday at 7pm & 9pm. All our shows are all ages appropriate and absolutely hilarious. Each show is 90 minutes long. Each show is made up on the spot, nothing is scripted, nothing is rehearsed… we will come to you, the audience, for scene suggestions… and use those suggestions for scenes and skits and to create instant hilarity.

For special show information visit here, other wise come check out one of our 4 weekend shows on Friday & Saturday at 7pm & 9pm (reservations are required: 480-423-0120)

Scottsdale Team Building Activities

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Scottsdale Team Building Activities

Finding the perfect team building activity in Scottsdale can be hard, particularly since most team building companies offer a specific activity with no variation in structure of lesson. But what if you are wanting something customized for your team? After all your team is unique and has unique challenges in the work place. Why settle for a generic team building exercise when you don’t have to.

Scottsdale-Team-Building-ActivitiesJester’Z Improv offers customized team building for your unique team. As an improv group we are able to mold our team building to fit your groups needs. One of the main ways an improv group functions is by team work, we can take our experience in team building and teach it to your team.

But don’t take our word for it, here is a testimonial from Autozone:

My team and I would like to thank you for a fantastic team build exercise! We enjoyed the infusion of humor in our activities that also made us not only work with one another, but also learn to respect others ideas and suggestions. Jef Rawls was great with his creative approach to team building and has left long standing impressions with my team. Because of our time with Jesterz Comedy we have grown as presenters, taken time out to have fun, and have a new found respect for one another. We look forward to using your services in the future!

Here are some more testimonials.

If you want to know if Jester’Z Improv is perfect for your team building, call us: 480-423-0120 or fill out the form in the right column.

Scottsdale Corporate Team Building

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Scottsdale Corporate Team Building

Corporate team building can be a valuable way to grow company culture and team work. However, it is important that you get the right team building to fit the needs of your company. Most team building companies have a set team building exercise that is not very flexible, that is great if it fits your needs but if it doesn’t fit you needs, what do you do?

Scottsdale-Corporate-Team-BuildingThat is why Jester’Z Improv is one of the most well known team building companies in Scottsdale. As an improv group, we are able to customize our team building to fit your needs. Improv is one of the most creative forms of entertainment, because of this we can really bring out the creative side of your team.

One of the main aspects of improv is team work or what we call group mind, we can use the principles of improv to help your team work together better and strive for group mind in any corporate setting.

If you are wondering if Jester’Z Improv team building is right for you, call us: 480-423-0120 or fill out the form to the right.