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Improv Summer Camp Is Right Around The Corner!

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kids3While the temperatures in Phoenix have been surprisingly low for this time of year, summer is still right around the corner.  If you have a child or teen between the ages of 8-17, Jester’Z is where they will want to be this summer!  We are offering 3 FUN FILLED weeks of camp, 2 weeks of Improv Comedy and 1 week of Musical Improv! Each week long improv comedy camp will focus on the fundamentals of improv while learning specific skills and games to provide a safe environment for campers to feel more comfortable on stage and collaborating as a group.

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Improv Comedy Auditions: May the 4th Be With You

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Do you have what it takes to be a Jester? 

Teamworkemotional listeningcharacter point of viewstory telling and the willingness to take things to an emotional and physical extreme while keeping a professional level-head are required for the Jester’Z scene-based short-formed improvised comedy show.

We are looking to expand our team! 

WHEN:     Monday May the 4th @ 6:30pm
WHERE:   At Jester’Z of Course: 1061 N Dobson Rd #114 Mesa, Arizona (In Mesa Riverview behind Bass Pro Shop)






Committed performers willing to join us for the next few years of their life.  (The average current performer has been with us 3+ years…   some upwards of 8-12 years) We are looking for outgoing people with great energy and a fun disposition.  Experienced performers who can align with our core values, purpose and mission.  If you are ready to improve the quality of life of others and want to create memories, create clean comedy and act with integrity – we want you to join us!


Bring a positive attitude and a bio of your past experience, qualifications, classes you’ve taken, places you’ve studied, shows you’ve performed, etc.  If nothing else, please explain what makes you a great candidate for JesterZ.

What to expect?

If we feel you will be a good fit for our troop, you will be invited to participate in our 12 week Performance Prep/Understudy Program, which is every Thursday night from 6-10pm during which time there will be a weekly performance followed by notes and training with Jester’Z Owner and Producer Jef Rawls, as well as other Jester’Z main-stage performers and directors!


Summer Camp Registration is NOW OPEN!

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TS Logo

The Jester’Z Training center is super excited to open registration for 6 different, totally fun filled air conditioned weeks of SUMMER CAMP!

Beat the heat this summer and send your kids and teens ages 8-17 to Jester’Z.  We will be offering 4 sessions of 1 week Improv Comedy Camp and 2 sessions of 1 week Musical Improv Camp in June and July.  We realize that in the past we were unable to accommodate campers who’s parents work full time, so we are now offering extended care as well.  Discounts are available for multiple weeks as well as for registering multiple campers from the same household.

Camp is Monday-Friday 9am-4pm with AM Extended Care from 7:30am-9am and PM Extended Care from 4:00pm-5:30pm.

Youth Summer Camp

Run3rd 5k – Presenting Sponsors

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Any runners out there?




JesterZ is proud to announce we are the Official Presenting Sponsor of the ‪#‎Run3rd‬ 5K!!

Sean Astin‘s movement to encourage you to run for a cause is coming to Mesa on April 11, 2015!

Check out the details, get registered! Most importantly run for a cause you believe in, a family member, a friend in need, or someone who’s dealing with difficulty… either way – run for THEM. The JesterZ will be there running too!


Go to our facebook page and let us know if you are running with us!!  (or you can walk with some of us too!!)


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Who doesn’t like free?  I mean personally it always catches my attention and if you are reading this then it surely has caught yours too.  Our new Drop-In style improv classes are such a hit, and we are now offering 2 ways to get classes FOR FREE:

  1. FIRST CLASS IS FREE….so just show up!
    • If you are a student with a class pack purchased and you refer someone who buys a class pack we will add a FREE class to your class pack!

It's Free

Like I said….who doesn’t love FREE~

See you Wednesdays from 6-8pm for Drop-In Beginning Improv.

9pm – Pi Night at JesterZ Improv

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Pi NightIt’s PI day – 03.14 15 and at 9:26 and 53 seconds – we will celebrate with PIE!!

Join us for a ONCE IN A LIFETIME experience!!!  One show only!

Pie and comedy have long been companions – so we are going to have FUN with PI (& Pie).  We will have Pie for everyone in attendance to take a bite SIMULTANEOUSLY at 9:26:53pm!  Thanks to PieFection in Mesa for sponsoring this event!!!



SPECIAL EVENT: JesterZ Improv with Mallory Everton

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Mallory…  Mallory…  Mallory!!

If you want to get excited for the crazy cat lady to hop on stage and do improv – NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!!!

Get ESCITED* for the most anticipated Studio C cast member to grace the JesterZ stage!  Our last Studio C guest before they begin filming for Season 6 !!

Click the time to get your tickets for March 7th, 2015

  2:00   |  6:00 SOLD OUT  |  9:00

Mallory montage

Unlike her scripted work, this show is unplanned and off-the-cuff!  YOU, the audience will contribute ideas and suggestions for each and every scene that Mallory and the JesterZ Improv Cast will use for 90 min’s of non-stop, side-splitting comedy!!  All-Ages are welcome!

PLUS:   Mallory wants to meet her fans!!  Photo’s and autographs available following each show!

See examples of Mallory’s comedy:  Example 1  |  Example 2

GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!  This show will sell out!!

(Sorry – NO discounts, gift certificate or birthday admissions)

Click the time to get your tickets for March 7th

  2:00   |  6:00 SOLD OUT  |  9:00


*yes we spelled excited with an S…  on purpose.  SAY IT!  “Escited!!”


JesterZ Moves to Mesa Riverview

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They said it couldn’t be done. A family-friendly comedy club? In a sluggish Arizona economy? Give it a year at the most, skeptics predicted.

LamarThat was back in 2001, in Scottsdale’s Papago Plaza. But creators/owners Jef & Shurlin Rawls have defied the odds in an impressive, grandiose way.

Not only did their clean comedy concept take hold instantly but it has thrived so much that now, 13 years later, it has outgrown its original venue.

Enter Jester’Z Improv’s new, creative comedy theater in Mesa Riverview, 1061 N. Dobson Rd. #114, Mesa, AZ 85201.

photo lobbyFor over 13 years, Jester’Z Improv has performed live, family-friendly comedy shows weekly. Moving to the entertainment district of Mesa Riverview, is giving Jester’Z Improv a major upgrade, according to creative designer/owner Shurlin Rawls.

“With a lobby twice the size as our previous venue, it brings 10 times the visual “wow-factor,” Rawls explained. “Our new all-ages, family friendly comedy theater has twice the space, twice the seating and 10 times the professional elegance.”

JesterZ StageJester’Z Improv will continue its tradition of providing their always popular CLEAN COMEDY show at the new Mesa Riverview location, as well as adding sketch and stand up to their performances and class schedule.

“Every patron can sit back and enjoy, knowing that we won’t cross the line of raunchy or crude humor. No swearing or colorful content. We take great pride that our troupe is so talented and professional that they have the skills to be hilarious without being offensive. Our integrity of clean hilarity is our trademark.”

JesterZ StageSee our Article on

Other Reviews: &

JesterZ Grand Opening Event!

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September 20, 2014 – September 20, 2014

1061 N. Dobson Rd. #114

View MapMap and Directions | Register


It’s our GRAND OPENING Weekend!!   And THIS show is the pinnacle!  We only have a FEW seats available to the public, the remaining are by invite ONLY!  This official opening of JesterZ Improv at Mesa Riverview will be proceeded by fun and festivities all over Riverview starting at 5:00 including.   Arrive early because you don’t want to miss out on the activities happening prior. Ribbon cutting at 6:20 will bring us inside where we’ll provide JesterZ improv, stand up, sketch and much more!!   Show runs 7:00pm – 8:30pm. 

Admission: $25 + tax.  ALL sales are final.

We're sorry. Either an error occurred or the event(s) you were attempting to register for may no longer be open for registration.


“Should I”…or…”Shouldn’t I” Take an Improv Comedy Class in Phoenix?

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I originally signed up for Jester’Z beginning improv class almost 2 years ago.  It for realZ changed my life and in so many wayZ made me a better person.  People say I’m funny so I figured for sure I’ll be good at improv.  I mean that’s what people would say to me, so why not?

Well what I learned in the first 10 minutes was…IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING FUNNY!  Say what?!?!?!?!?!

Improv is about thinking fast, fully listening, trust, staying present, relationships, and so much more…  If you work in sales, as I do, beginning improv should be a pre-requisite for your company’s orientation in my opinion.  Really if you’re a human being, beginning improv should be a pre-requisite for, I dunno….puberty?  LOL…  I think about the incredible advantage all the teens who take the teen beginning improv class get from learning such valuable skills at such a critical growing stage in their lives. Oh how different life might be had I learned this stuff then….excuse me… I digress… :)

Bottom line…I often feel like I want to drag people to the class and then say…”See I told you so”, but I am a firm believer that people have to decide to do things on their own.  Now this goes way against my desire to want to control things, shocking I know that I can admit this, but at the end of the day where else can you go to grow as an individual and have an absolute blast and make amazing friends? (If you have an answer that is anything besides Jester’Z….please skip it…you get where I am going with this right?)

So, I’m curious….to anyone who has taken an improv class before, especially at Jester’Z….what made you decide to do it and what was your experience like?  Please comment below and I will end this with a picture of my beginning improv class from 2 years ago…since ‘they’ say a picture is worth a thousand words…whoever ‘they’ are anyways… :)

Beg Improv Dec 2012