Scottsdale Fun Activities

Fun Activities in Scottsdale Arizona Scottdale is a beautiful scenic city in the heart of the Phoenix Metro area. Throughout the year it is a top destination spot for, corporate conventions, seasonal travelers and tourist. Whether you are in town for the weekend or you live in Scottsdale, there is plenty of fun activities to[…]

Patience Proceeds Payoff

Not a post on alliteration This isn’t a post on avoiding the joke either… but more what patience in improv can create. First, I should say that by payoff I mean joy that comes to an improvisor for doing an awesome scene! Don’t confuse laughter with a good scene, good scenes will usually have laughter[…]

Phoenix Office Party Ideas

Phoenix Office Party Entertainment Ideas Office parties can be so much fun! Sadly, they are often not fun and employees don’t look forward to attending. There are a couple of reasons why this happens: 1. Poor planning 2. Poor attendance and 3. Poor entertainment. Often office parties are thrown together the last minute and so[…]